Top 5 Moments at the 2014 New England Political Science Association Meetings

at #NEPSA2014: the 2014 meetings of the New England Political Science AssociationI had such a fun time at the 2014 New England Political Science Association conference that I have a hard time identifying my five favorite moments. But if I force myself to choose, here they are.

1. No such thing as a free lunch? As conference organizer hands me tickets to two keynote luncheons, he says “here, take ’em. We won’t ask for them at the door, but you can take ’em anyway.” Two graduate students on the periphery lean in.

2. Prediction! Campaign consultant shares a tip with me on the side: Senate Democrats Mary Landrieu and Mark Pryor? “They’re both going down, big time.”

3. Most enjoyable presentation: Abigail Fisher Williamson and Rachael Ann DiPietro of Trinity College on changes in the social movement for undocumented youth after victory reveals complexity.

4. Prediction! Distinguished speaker declares that this time around, Eliot Cutler’s campaign for Governor of Maine looks strong. Counter-Prediction! Scholars at several tables spontaneously interrupt: “No.” Someone’s got to be right.

5. Finishing my own presentation on social media networks among state legislators, letting the nervous anticipation go, and feeling freed to enjoy others’ work.

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