AWSIM Brainstorm Session (Spring 2014 Faculty Retreat)

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The Spring 2014 retreat of the faculty of the University of Maine at Augusta featured a brainstorming session to generate ideas regarding the agenda for the newly created AWSIM research advocacy committee.  The following is a complete transcription of ideas written on the whiteboard in the classroom as brainstorming progressed.  The ideas below do not represent any commitment or endorsement by AWSIM or participating faculty; they are simply a launching point from which our future activities may be inspired.

  • Facilitate connections to UMS to obtain access to research resources (equipment, software)
  • Hire statisticians or pay for statisticians not at UMA.
  • Hire a grant writer
  • Ensure that CFO or other administrative staff have grant expertise
  • Fund student research scholarships
  • Implement more course release time for faculty research, such as a 3/3 load
  • Create a pre-IRB review process for all proposed research
  • Recognize research on pedagogy as research
  • Create a Research in Progress (RiP) working group
  • Streamline the process for spending grant money
  • Put RaPs on Polycomm
  • Publicly recognize faculty for research accomplishments
  • Create a list for media of the subject expertise of faculty members
  • Compile a list of publications by faculty
  • Initiate a UMA Research Symposium
  • Send students to a UMA Undergraduate Research day at the Hall of Flags
  • Publication list
  • Create Publicity and a Promotions Group
  • Create Research Group



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