AWSIM: Research Advocacy at UMA

The Advocating Wicked Scholarship In Maine (AWSIM) committee of the University of Maine at Augusta was created in the Spring of 2014 with the sponsorship of the Faculty Senate.  The directive of the AWSIM committee is twofold, to:

  • ascertain the extent and character of research scholarship by members of the UMA faculty, and
  • act to promote productive research by members of the university community, including faculty, staff and students.

The AWSIM committee is particularly oriented to promoting research in ways that are encouraging rather restrictive, and to identifying university actions that are effective, low in cost and not burdensome in time.

University members interested in joining the AWSIM committee or otherwise assisting in its activities are encouraged to contact AWSIM chair James Cook at 207-621-3190 or

AWSIM records:
Brainstorm at Spring 2014 faculty retreat

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