What Social Science Course at UMA is Right for You? (Spring 2018 Quiz)

Nothing beats a good sit-down with your advisor. But if you like taking online quizzes, you’ll love answering these questions and finding your top choices for Spring of 2018. Go ahead… take the quiz below and see what you find. If you have any questions about a class, please contact me at 207-621-3190 or james.m.cook@maine.edu and I’ll be happy to chat.

What Social Science Course is Right for You?

If you're interested in studying social science at the University of Maine at Augusta, you've got a lot of choices in Spring of 2018.  Take this quiz to find out which social science course is right for you... and share your results on Facebook or Twitter to let everyone know just what sort you are.  What kind of student are you?  Once you've answered all the questions, the top 3 course matches for you in Spring 2018 at UMA will appear at the bottom of the page.

Once you've found your favorite courses, click here to get started on your Spring 2018 registration.  The semester is almost upon us, so don't wait!

Have you taken any social science courses before?
What do you enjoy doing most when taking a course?
Are you interested in the quest for justice and a better world?
Do you enjoy learning about the unusual, the odd, the strange?
Are you fascinated by the thinking about the causes of disorder, mayhem and violence?
Which of these aspects of humanity interests you more?
Where would you like to take the course?

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