Congress Collects Comments on Adjunct Working Conditions: Add Yours by December 20

With every passing year, universities rely more strongly on part-time adjunct faculty to teach their courses. These faculty are not tenured, have no avenue to be tenured, and live complicated lives due to their complicated situation. The House Committee on Education and the Workforce is asking adjunct instructors to share their experience so that they may better understand the working conditions of adjunct faculty and areas for possible policy improvement. Among the questions Congress poses to adjuncts:

“For how long have you worked as a contingent faculty or instructor?

How would you describe the working conditions of contingent faculty and instructors at your college or university, including matters like compensation, benefits, opportunities for growth and advancement, job stability, and administrative and professional support?

How do those conditions help or hinder your ability to earn a living and have a stable and successful career in higher education? What impact, if any, do those working conditions have on students or higher education generally?

How do those working conditions help or hinder your ability to do your job, or how do they otherwise affect students in achieving their educational goals?

Comments close on December 20, 2013. If you have something to say, don’t wait: make your comment through this web page.

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