Welcome… and Why?

Welcome to this, my new faculty blog at the University of Maine at Augusta. I’m not (that) new to UMA, and I’m not new to blogging, but this marks my first ever faculty blog.  Why a faculty blog?  There are so many reasons.  Blogs offer a time-sensitive but kindly preserved way for me to curate resources of use to students, to present analysis, to hear and react to others’ thoughts, to pass on the fabulous work of others, and to share links to the work of others at UMA, in Maine and around the world.  As someone who works for a state university, I feel the obligation not simply to look inward on campus but to present a public and accountable face to the people who support the university through their tuition, their donations, and their tax dollars.

Why now? Because it’s possible. I’d like my first words on this blog to recognize the work of the Information Technology staff at the University of Maine at Augusta, who have made this blog possible by setting up a dedicated WordPress server for use by students, staff, faculty members, and organizations at the University.  Thanks, IT.  You make the rest of us look good.

I always appreciate an e-mail, a tweet, a ring or a visitor in the flesh.  Let’s get in touch.


James Cook
Assistant Professor of Social Science
University of Maine at Augusta
e-mail james.m.cook@maine.edu
office: Jewett 120
phone: 207-621-3190
twitter: @JamesCookUMA